How Much is Child Tax Credit

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How Much is Child Tax Credit

Federal Tax Credits

How Much is the Child Tax Credit?

How much is the child tax credit is one of the most frequently asked questions about federal child tax credits.

How much child tax credit will I get?

In general, the child tax credit amount is $1,000 per qualifying child. That means, if you have 4 children who are qualifying children, then you will be able to get 4 x $1,000 = $4,000 of child tax credit.

Will my child tax credit amount be reduced?

The child tax credit amount you can get will be reduced if your modified adjusted gross income is more than the child tax credit threshold for your tax filing status.

The child tax credit amount you can claim will also be limited to the amount of tax you owe the IRS. This is because child tax credit is a nonrefundable tax credit and, unless you are able to claim the additional child tax credit, the amount of child tax credit you can get is the full amount of tax amount you owe the IRS. See IRS Publication 972 for reduced child tax credits.


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