Is IRS ERC Funding for Businesses Still Available?

IRS ERC funding for businesses

Many businesses are under the impression that ERC funding for businesses has come and gone. That is not true at all. DEPENDING ON THE BUSINESS QUARTER, the IRS ERC can be claimed as late as April 2025. Confusion Surrounding the Employee Retention Credit 2020 was a rough year for many businesses because they were forced […]

Understanding the ERC Program: ERC Funding Options

There are ERC funding options available that allow businesses to get their Employee Retention Credit. Take advantage of the refundable tax credit based on payroll costs. Most businesses can get refunds from filing these benefits. This is not a loan but a tax credit based on qualified wages giving businesses tens, if not hundreds of […]

ERC Loan Application Process

ERC Loan is Not a Loan

The ERC loan application process is not necessarily mainly because there isn’t such a thing as an ERC loan. The Employee Retention Credit is a program put out by the government. The purpose is to help small and mid-sized businesses with less than 500 W-2 employees that were able to retain their employees during the […]