Want it All – ERC vs PPP Take Both for Your Business


Business owners today face a dilemma: ERC vs PPP? Originally if a company took the PPP loan then they weren’t eligible for the Employee Retention Credit. This has changed since the amended rulings in late 2021 where a business can now take advantage of both programs. Both offer advantages, but how can they choose between […]

ERC Supply Chain Disruptions IRS Rules 2023

ERC supply chain disruptions ships

The past couple of years have been very demanding for businesses due to ERC supply chain disruptions of critical goods. This can now be used to your advantage with the federal government IRS Employee Retention Credit program. Supply chain issues are one of the main ways businesses can claim this tax credit and potentially get […]

How to Find the Best ERC Company for Your Business

best erc company

Are you looking for an employee retention credit (ERC) company to help you maximize your post-pandemic business credits? Choosing the best ERC company can be tricky, but don’t worry! This article will provide you with some helpful tips on how to make the right choice. We’ll discuss the best practices of top ERC companies, online […]

Do Nonprofits Qualify for ERC: Determining Eligibility in 2023

Do nonprofits qualify for ERC

Nonprofits can benefit from the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), but the eligibility criteria can be complex. One of the most common questions is, “Do nonprofits qualify for ERC?” The answer is yes, but some conditions must be met. Let’s dive into the world of ERC, its eligibility criteria, and the steps to claim it successfully, […]

Employee Retention Credit ERC Stimulus

ERC stimulus for businesses

IRS ERC Stimulus Funds Overview Has your business taken advantage of the largest government ERC stimulus program of all time? The ERC stimulus is a form of payment issued by governments to individuals and households to boost economic activity and stimulate spending during a recession or period of economic hardship. The specific details of the […]

Breaking the Confusion of the ERTC Application

ERTC Application Process

Why does completing the ERTC application have to be so difficult. Some feel the government wants to offer the program but doesn’t want to make it easy. The truth is there are rules in place to ensure the proper businesses get the money they deserve and there are certain things that need to be determined […]

Who Qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit?

Who Qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit

Businesses have been confused about who qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. There are several rules in place that can help determine eligibility for businesses. Follow the following rules and your business could recoup a good deal of money. This article will briefly overview who qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit, the application […]

How Do I Apply For ERC Tax Credit in 2023?

How Do I Apply For ERC Tax Credit?

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered the corporate world. Many small and medium-sized business workers had to be laid off; as a result, the government launched several programs to help companies survive the current economic storm. One such government initiative is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). Even though the ERTC program has several advantages, the […]