What is Causing ERC Payment Delays Update for 2023

ERC payment delays

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is having trouble handling the influx of refund requests related to employee retention credit. ERC payment delays have become a problem. It could take months for a claim to be processed, and taxpayers have few options for checking on its progress. Good news is that many more IRS agents are being […]

ERC Refund Status for Employee Retention Credit 2023

ERC Refund Status Issues

It’s no secret that the IRS struggles to keep up with the millions of tax filings, tax reports, and applications. So has anyone received the ERC refund status? A tremendous backlog for Employee Retention Credit refunds contributes to the ongoing delays. Many businesses have not heard back from the IRS despite filing nine to twelve […]

ERC Refund Processing Time – Why so Long

ERC Return Delays From IRS

How long it takes to get an Employee Retention Credit refund status can vary. When the ERTC program first came out the ERC refunds were processed rather quickly, most employers were paid in about 2-4 weeks.  But due to the large number of amended filings the Internal Revenue Service has had a very difficult time […]

Beware of Non-Refundable ERC Tax Credit vs Refundable in 2023

non refundable ERC tax credit

Generally, tax refunds cannot be refunded. The taxpayer will forfeit the credits. Non refundable ERC credits have different attributes than refundable credits due to their non-refundable nature. This tax deduction will decrease your federal income taxes by not requiring you to file returns. Refundable tax credits are helpful to people who want tax relief and […]

Scared of IRS ERC Audit: Avoidance in 2023

Will ERTC Be Audited

The Employee Retention Credit (also known as ERC and ERTC) is a life saver for so many businesses giving them an opportunity to claim money back from the government. There are concerns about getting an IRS ERC audit. This is always a possibility, but we feel that if done correctly, there is no greater risk […]

How Long Does it Take to Get ERTC Refund in 2023

How Long Does It Take to Get ERTC Refund

Many more businesses are learning about the Employee Retention Tax Credit and has anyone received ERTC refund. The higher volume of businesses filing has caused delays to receiving refunds from amended tax returns. We will discuss how long does it take to get ERTC Refund. The global economy was shaken by the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses […]