Does Employee Retention Credit Owner Wages Count Towards Refund?

Employee Retention Credit Owner Wages

The ERC tax credits have been extremely helpful to businesses getting money back from their payroll taxes. Employers get up to 50% back from W-2 payroll employees. But does the Employee Retention Credit owner wages count. Well, this depends on the percentage of ownership and some other factors. Let’s dig deeper and see if this […]

Employee Retention Credit Deadline 2023

employee retention credit deadline timeframe

There is a lot of confusion about the rules related to deadlines for Employee Retention Credit deadline claims, and even many professional advisors are a bit puzzled. There still is time left as late as April 15, 2025. ERC Deadline Timeline for Filing If you are seeking employee retention credit for 2021, the only deadline you […]

Understanding the ERTC Reinstatement Act = Money for Your Business

ERTC Reisntatement Act benefits businesses

With the dawn of a new era and unprecedented times, understanding the ERTC Reinstatement Act has become more important now than ever. Businesses across the nation are scrambling to figure out what this act means for their bottom line – can it really provide them with extra money? Well, let’s dive in and take an […]

Powerful ERTC Reinstatement Act Updated Law Good for Businesses in 2023


The ERTC Reinstatement Act is a provision of the CARES Jobs Act passed in 2020 that provides a tax credit for employers that retain employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. The big question is, will the Employee Retention Credit Reinstatement Be Extended? Qualifying small employers are first to receive a CARES Act Employment Retention Tax Credit […]

ERC Revenue Reduction for Employee Retention Credit 2023

ERC revenue reduction graph

ERC Revenue Reduction in 2023: Best Tool to Claim Tax Credits When the US Congress initially proposed ERC, there were many concerns about its eligibility. Companies had to demonstrate that the pandemic had severely harmed them to be qualified to file an ERC claim. One of the primary requirements for ERC eligibility criteria was that […]

Calculate ERC Gross Receipts Test 2021 and 2020

erc gross receipts test 2023

Gross Receipts Impact on ERTC Qualification Many businesses don’t realize there is still time to claim employee retention credit. However, to qualify, employers must fulfill certain conditions. One of the most complex is proving a significant decline in business via gross receipts from 2020 and 2021 against corresponding quarters from 2019.  This can be challenging […]

File Employee Retention Credit S Corp Owner

employee retention credit s corp owner

ERTC for S Corp Owners Qualified? The past few years have been uncertain times for business owners. The pandemic tested our commerce and financial systems to their limits, encouraging the government to introduce relief acts. Our focus is on Employee Retention Credit S Corp owner. This includes the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC and ERC). […]

Qualified Wages for Employee Retention Credit

Determine Qualified Wages for Employee Retention Credit

Qualified wages for Employee Retention Credits are all wages and health insurance benefits paid to an employee during the time period in which the employer is considered an eligible employer. They must have been paid during a time or calendar quarter when a business has been affected by the pandemic. Timeline and Regulatory Changes for […]

Recovery Startup Business Employee Retention Credit

Recovery Startup Business ERC Application

There is money on the table for new businesses during the pandemic. Its called recovery startup business erc aka Employee Retention Credit. If you launched a business just before the pandemic or perhaps while it was going on, we’re sorry for the loss you might have faced. Congratulations on reaching a significant milestone during such […]

Harmful ERC Scams: Choosing a Qualified Tax Professional

ERTC Scams

It’s essential to be diligent about trending ERC scams. IRS legislation passed in response to the Employee Retention Credit has drawn many suspicious players eager to get a portion of the tax credit intended for eligible employers and small/medium-sized businesses. The newest are so-called ERTC firms that promise owners massive, backdated tax benefits via tax […]

ERTC and R&D Credit Can You Claim Both

Employee Retention Credit and R&D Credit

ERTC and R&D credit can be claimed in the same year. There are specific guidelines that need to be addressed to make sure this is done properly. The COVID-19 pandemic has set a formidable economic climate in the business world, affecting enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Like yourself, every small and medium-sized business owner […]

Employee Retention Credit and PPP Program

Employee Retention Credit and PPP

It is possible to get the Employee Retention Credit and PPP money. There are just some rules you have to follow to adhere to the rules and regulations. Here we will discuss what a business needs to look out for when figuring ERC wages and PPP loans. Understanding ERC and PPP Toward the end of […]