ERTC Assistance Still Available for Hotels in 2023

ERTC for hotels and other hospitality industries helped employee retention during the 2020-2021 timeline. Many local hotels received tax credits (per employee) quarterly to keep them on the business’s payroll.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit ERTC for hotels was a hope of light in the dark months of the global pandemic (2020-2021). With nearly every business industry bearing the unavoidable impact of the countrywide lockdown, many businesses crashed to the core.

Unlike a few other industries, the hospitality industry could not operate remotely. The lack of customers pushed many hotels into difficulties paying their employees and basic survival. This was incredibly impactful for smaller hotels and resorts.

However, the complex IRS guidelines to determine eligibility raised problems for local business owners. The technicalities of requirements restricted hotels from thoroughly benefitting from the ERTC funds.

How Shutdowns Devastated the Hospitality Industry

The pandemic negatively impacted many businesses, but the hospitality sector, and particularly hotels and resorts, was among the hardest hit. Hotels were compelled to either fully shut down or refocus their operations to adjust to a continuously evolving travel industry shortly after the lockdown started in March 2020.

Supply chains have been affected, company travel has been significantly decreased, and hotels have been forced to suspend some of their activity even beyond the first lockdown period. The good news is that hotels, motels, and resorts can now qualify for Employee Retention Credits despite all of these difficulties.

Many hotel businesses were able to reopen in the summer of 2020, but capacity limitations and constraints usually prevented a restoration to the levels of profitability experienced before to the epidemic.

The industry had difficulty maintaining constant occupancy throughout the ongoing waves of variants, making it challenging for hotel owners to return to profitability. While many markets experienced growth in 2022, several properties have yet to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels due to supply chain and persistent shutdown-related concerns.

Benefits of ERTC for Hotels

The global pandemic crisis took down many hospitality businesses in early 2020. While the federal government allowed many companies, including hotels, to reopen during summer with strictly imposed restrictions, the social distancing requirements limited the number of customers in most hotels.ERTC available for hotels

As a result, the hospitality industry recorded significantly lower (quarterly) revenues. Despite the launch of the ERTC program by the CARES Act, many business industries remained uncertain of the eligibility requirements and benefits. 

Many local businesses were hopeful of getting back on track after the pandemic crisis. While the prediction proved true for a few industries, many continue to struggle due to improper flow of supply chain operations.

Suppose you are a hotel owner with less than 500 employees and face a partial shutdown due to government notices during the pandemic. In that case, your business may be eligible for ERTC for hotels benefits.

According to IRS guidelines, hotels can receive tax credits for full-time and part-time workers to ensure mutual sustenance. This can significantly improve your chances of getting a more significant tax refund.

Revised IRS ERTC Requirements

When the ERTC program initiated funding in 2020, many businesses failed to meet the eligibility requirements due to excessive layoffs and employment sizes. The initial eligibility criteria allowed businesses with under 100 employees to receive tax credits per employee (quarterly).

The initial policies allowed a $5000 credit per employee. However, the revised IRS ERTC guidelines provided more room to businesses by redefining the small business criterion. 

Under the new policies, businesses under 500 employees could benefit from the program and receive up to $7000 per employee (quarterly).

Unlike other businesses, hotels generally have more employees. The revised policies allowed more hospitality businesses to come under the eligibility radar for ERTC benefits. While true, many local hotel owners need more awareness to understand the technicalities of applications. 

The IRS ERTC requirements can be challenging to interpret. Preparing audit-proof documentation is crucial to maximizing the benefits of ERTC for hotels. While some hotel owners can manage it alone, others need professional help to prepare for application. 

Done-For-You ERTC for Hospitality Industry

If you fulfill the basic eligibility requirements of the ERTC program, you can proceed to the next level, where you may need expert assistance. Many employee tax credit firms make huge claims but keep small businesses hanging indefinitely. A dedicated ERTC firm that knows the ins and outs of the ERTC application process ensures maximum benefits. This is where FTCO ERC white glove services come in.

ERTC for Hotels services

The idea behind specialized service is to take the burden off your shoulders and allow the ERTC experts to handle it. From determining your eligibility to creating audit-resistant documentation, dedicated ERTC firms do it all for you. Federal Tax Credtis ERC is one of the few leading firms specializing in ERTC cases for small businesses.

Some of the many benefits of seeking an ERTC professional’s help include the following: 

Many small businesses have trusted us to maximize their tax credit refund under the ERTC guidelines. Our ability to translate complicated terms and conditions into simple ideas for business owners to ensure 100% transparency sets us apart in the competitive market. Let us ease the burden by filling out the form quickly. One of our experts will reach out to discuss your business’s details and guide you through the next step.

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