ERTC Scams: What Businesses Should Look for When Choosing an ERTC Firm


Legislation passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn many suspicious actors eager to get a portion of the tax credit intended for eligible employers and small/medium-sized businesses.

The newest are so-called “ERTC firms” that promise owners massive, backdated tax benefits via tax credit for retaining employees called the Employee Retention Tax Credit, ERTC for short.

Originally introduced as a part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, Employee Retention Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit that assists small and medium-sized businesses in continuing to pay their working staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the eligibility regulations of the ERTC program have undergone several modifications year by year, some ERTC scammers are stepping in to steal money by putting businesses in legal jeopardy.

ERTC Scams

What Are ERTC Scams?

Scams involving tax refunds are a sort of financial fraud in which scammers pose as employees of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other officials of the government to deceive victims into providing them personal information or allowing them access to their tax refunds. Once the scammers obtain the information, they are in a position to do other fraudulent activities, possibly identity theft.

For instance, scammers may collect payments by pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or by charging for services that do not exist. Additionally, they can receive a return from the government on your behalf by filing claims in your name.

Sometimes, they use or sell your personal information to commit identity theft concerning taxes via the Dark Web. So, the question is, what are some of the common ERTC scams, and how can you avoid being a victim? Let’s find out.

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Common ERTC Scams That You Should Be Aware Of

ERTC scams have rapidly become one of the most prevalent methods for scammers to steal victims’ money and identities. These “so-called” firms take advantage of the victims’ stress when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to their benefit. Post-COVID-19, the situation is just getting worse.

According to Internal Revenue Service (IRS), identity theft and fraudulent claims for tax refunds saw a 91% spike [*] in 2021. Here’s a list of some common ERTC scams to be aware of.

  • Emails that seem legitimate but urge to verify the information.
  • Unknown phone calls requesting a sum of payment for taxes.
  • Discovering a tax return that was filed under your legal name.
  • Claiming that your Social Security number has been suspended.
  • Preparers of tax returns who don’t exist but take your money.
  • Emails asking for additional tax credit forms to be filled out.
  • IRS messages that claim you are entitled to a greater refund.
  • Calls from authorities other than the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Claiming that you have an overdue payment on your account.
  • Demanding tax payments in the form of gift cards or crypto.
  • Requests for a W-8BEN form by the firm without prior notice.

Things to Consider When Choosing an ERTC Firm

With the new deadline to apply for the ERTC extended from March 12, 2023, to April 15, 2024, scammers are out in full force to put businesses in legal jeopardy. Before choosing an ERTC firm, provide yourself with an extra layer of safety by ensuring that all your taxes are submitted on time.

On the other hand, vet the firm properly and stay away from those who claim they can maximize your tax return. For the utmost peace of mind, join hands with a reliable firm like ERTC Express.

ERTC Express – A Reliable ERTC Tax Firm

At ERTC Express, we believe every local business owner should be allowed to get the maximum credit available through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) without any financial risk down the road. Integrity is the cornerstone of ERTC Express’s business culture, having been instilled in the company since its inception. Our clients and business partners put their faith in us to get the compensation that is rightfully theirs, and we do not take that faith for granted. At ERTC Express, integrity means:

  • We follow IRS guidelines very closely to ensure there are no repercussions
  • If we cannot claim credits for you, you will not be required to pay any fees.
  • ‍We are entirely supported by the success fees, which means no hidden costs.
  • We maintain direct billing procedures that are pretty simple to understand.
  • We provide full audit protection and will refund any credits ruled invalid.
  • We don’t demand payment until the Internal Revenue Service reimburses you.
  • We deliver a detailed report explaining the calculation of credit you earned.
  • We provide the evidence needed to confirm that you are eligible for the credit.
  • We successfully negotiate your way to a credit line without any associated risks.

With ERTC claims in full swing, the tax credit industry is in the headlines again, revealing the unethical billing practices of various ERTC firms. Even though ERTC Express wasn’t taken aback, we are incensed to find that deserving businesses have been cheated out of the credits they were entitled to receive from the government due to fraudulent sales promises, unclear contracts, improperly managed files, and exorbitant fees. Now that you know how we work, no don’t need to go elsewhere.

Are You Eligible For ERTC? Check Your Status Now!

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Claim Your ERTC Credit with ERTC Express

Do not allow the complexity of the process and the amount of paperwork to prohibit your business from taking advantage of the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Get in touch with our team of ERTC experts to get a comprehensive review of the tax credits available to you.

ERTC is a great program for small and medium-sized businesses, and we want to help you take advantage of it. Visit or speak to an ERTC expert over the phone: just dial 888-378-2826.

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