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Congratulations on taking first steps in claiming your ERTC Tax Credit.

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The next phase is a simple questionnaire that will help determine the actual amount of the Employee Retention Tax Credit you are eligible to claim.

It would be a good time to start collecting the documents in the following list. Your current CPA can help you with this. If not, we are glad to assist you any way we can.

When ready, you will be getting you own file to securely upload your documents.

 Here is the list of the documents we will need to continue:

  1. W-3 for 2019
  2. Form 941’s for all quarters (Q2 2020 to Q3 2021)
  3. For Year 2020 – PPP#1 Forgiveness Application – Form 3508 / 3508S / 3508EZ
  4. For Year 2021 – PPP#2 Forgiveness Application – Form 3508 / 3508S / 3508EZ
  5. Payroll Journal

If you need anything, or If I can provide any assistance, please reach out to us at

I will be working alongside the team to facilitate your ERTC processing and will do everything I can to help ensure this process moves along quickly.

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