What is Form W3: Powerful for Filing ERC in 2023

What is Form W3. Your path to claiming ERC

This article will address what is Form W3 and how it is applicable to the Employee Retention Credit. The W3 is one of the documents a business uses to fill out the Form 941 x to help in determining your eligibility for the ERC. Why is the IRS Form W3 Helpful for ERC When starting […]

ERC Refund Status for Employee Retention Credit 2023

ERC Refund Status Issues

It’s no secret that the IRS struggles to keep up with the millions of tax filings, tax reports, and applications. So has anyone received the ERC refund status? A tremendous backlog for Employee Retention Credit refunds contributes to the ongoing delays. Many businesses have not heard back from the IRS despite filing nine to twelve […]

Breaking the Confusion of the ERTC Application

ERTC Application Process

Why does completing the ERTC application have to be so difficult. Some feel the government wants to offer the program but doesn’t want to make it easy. The truth is there are rules in place to ensure the proper businesses get the money they deserve and there are certain things that need to be determined […]