What Is An ERC Engagement Letter?

ERC Engagement Letter

Are you looking for a way to help your business save money during the COVID-19 pandemic? One option is taking advantage of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). To do this, you must sign an ERC engagement letter with an ERC professional or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) specializing in ERC. This article will explain what an […]

What is Form W3: Powerful for Filing ERC in 2023

What is Form W3. Your path to claiming ERC

This article will address what is Form W3 and how it is applicable to the Employee Retention Credit. The W3 is one of the documents a business uses to fill out the Form 941 x to help in determining your eligibility for the ERC. Why is the IRS Form W3 Helpful for ERC When starting […]

Understanding the ERTC Reinstatement Act = Money for Your Business

ERTC Reisntatement Act benefits businesses

With the dawn of a new era and unprecedented times, understanding the ERTC Reinstatement Act has become more important now than ever. Businesses across the nation are scrambling to figure out what this act means for their bottom line – can it really provide them with extra money? Well, let’s dive in and take an […]

ERTC for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry now Available

ERTC for Hotels and Hospitality Industry

ERTC Assistance Still Available for Hotels in 2023 ERTC for hotels and other hospitality industries helped employee retention during the 2020-2021 timeline. Many local hotels received tax credits (per employee) quarterly to keep them on the business’s payroll. The Employee Retention Tax Credit ERTC for hotels was a hope of light in the dark months […]

Understanding Employee Retention Credit for Employees 

Employee Retention Credit for employees

ERC Program and How Does it Affect Employees The Employee Retention Credit for employees is a comprehensive program to reward businesses that kept their employees during the global pandemic period. Since the pandemic led to a global lockdown, thousands of businesses worldwide have suffered. Many companies laid off their employees to ensure survival. The CARES […]