How to Apply For ERTC Tax Credit  

Apply For ERTC Tax Credit

Businesses now realize the amazing opportunity available through the employee retention tax credit. This program will benefit almost all businesses that had any impact due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the government has not made it very easy to apply for ERTC tax credit. Let’s dive deeper and see how this program could work for you. […]

How to Fill Out 941X for Employee Retention Credit

How to Fill Out 941X Employee Retention Credit

How to fill out 941X for Employee Retention Credit can be a daunting task. In fact, filling out any tax-related form is complicated, to say the least. Considering the 941X for ERTC incorporates many changes and correcting multiple details, businesses may need that extra help. What is a 941x Form in Relation to Employee Retention […]

Understanding the ERTC Reinstatement Act = Money for Your Business

ERTC Reisntatement Act benefits businesses

With the dawn of a new era and unprecedented times, understanding the ERTC Reinstatement Act has become more important now than ever. Businesses across the nation are scrambling to figure out what this act means for their bottom line – can it really provide them with extra money? Well, let’s dive in and take an […]

ERC Childcare Centers, Preschools, and Daycare Facilities ERC Eligibility

ERC Childcare, Daycare, and Preschool Eligibility

ERC childcare centers and other entities assisting children has been very beneficial for the survival of these types of businesses. Many of these facilities have been affected greatly or even forced to shut down. The Employee Retention Credit will bring new life, funding, and a future. Child Care Centers Funding Necessity for Businesses Since they […]

Employee Retention Credit ERC Stimulus

ERC stimulus for businesses

IRS ERC Stimulus Funds Overview Has your business taken advantage of the largest government ERC stimulus program of all time? The ERC stimulus is a form of payment issued by governments to individuals and households to boost economic activity and stimulate spending during a recession or period of economic hardship. The specific details of the […]

ERC Refund Processing Time – Why so Long

ERC Return Delays From IRS

How long it takes to get an Employee Retention Credit refund status can vary. When the ERTC program first came out the ERC refunds were processed rather quickly, most employers were paid in about 2-4 weeks.  But due to the large number of amended filings the Internal Revenue Service has had a very difficult time […]

ERC Revenue Reduction for Employee Retention Credit 2023

ERC revenue reduction graph

ERC Revenue Reduction in 2023: Best Tool to Claim Tax Credits When the US Congress initially proposed ERC, there were many concerns about its eligibility. Companies had to demonstrate that the pandemic had severely harmed them to be qualified to file an ERC claim. One of the primary requirements for ERC eligibility criteria was that […]

Calculate ERC Gross Receipts Test 2021 and 2020

erc gross receipts test 2023

Gross Receipts Impact on ERTC Qualification Many businesses don’t realize there is still time to claim employee retention credit. However, to qualify, employers must fulfill certain conditions. One of the most complex is proving a significant decline in business via gross receipts from 2020 and 2021 against corresponding quarters from 2019.  This can be challenging […]

File Employee Retention Credit S Corp Owner

employee retention credit s corp owner

ERTC for S Corp Owners Qualified? The past few years have been uncertain times for business owners. The pandemic tested our commerce and financial systems to their limits, encouraging the government to introduce relief acts. Our focus is on Employee Retention Credit S Corp owner. This includes the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC and ERC). […]

ERTC for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry now Available

ERTC for Hotels and Hospitality Industry

ERTC Assistance Still Available for Hotels in 2023 ERTC for hotels and other hospitality industries helped employee retention during the 2020-2021 timeline. Many local hotels received tax credits (per employee) quarterly to keep them on the business’s payroll. The Employee Retention Tax Credit ERTC for hotels was a hope of light in the dark months […]

ERC Health Fitness Centers: Gyms and ERC Group Fitness Facilities Qualify 

ERC Health Fitness Center

The pandemic impacted most businesses dramatically, but the fitness industry was hit harder than most. ERC health fitness centers can help bring money back into your facility. Let’s look at how to take advantage of this amazing government stimulus program. Understanding ERC for Fitness Facilities The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program by CARES Act […]

Understanding Employee Retention Credit for Employees 

Employee Retention Credit for employees

ERC Program and How Does it Affect Employees The Employee Retention Credit for employees is a comprehensive program to reward businesses that kept their employees during the global pandemic period. Since the pandemic led to a global lockdown, thousands of businesses worldwide have suffered. Many companies laid off their employees to ensure survival. The CARES […]

ERC Construction Eligibility Available

ERC construction company eligibility

ERC Construction Impacted Industry The recent pandemic left the entire globe in crisis by negatively impacting economies and businesses in nearly all industries. Among the majorly affected industries was the construction industry since all constructions project came to a halt as entire supply chains were disrupted and employees were forced to stay at home. During […]

Breaking the Confusion of the ERTC Application

ERTC Application Process

Why does completing the ERTC application have to be so difficult. Some feel the government wants to offer the program but doesn’t want to make it easy. The truth is there are rules in place to ensure the proper businesses get the money they deserve and there are certain things that need to be determined […]

Qualified Wages for Employee Retention Credit

Determine Qualified Wages for Employee Retention Credit

Qualified wages for Employee Retention Credits are all wages and health insurance benefits paid to an employee during the time period in which the employer is considered an eligible employer. They must have been paid during a time or calendar quarter when a business has been affected by the pandemic. Timeline and Regulatory Changes for […]

IRS Form 941 x Instructions ERC Explained

941-X Instructions Employee Retention Credit Form

Form 941 x is the main tax form used to file an amended return to claim the Employee Retention Credit. 941 x instructions can be somewhat confusing, so let’s look deeper into the process of getting it done. First Steps to ERTC Tax Credits: Form 941 x During the pandemic, in the years 2020 and […]

Recovery Startup Business Employee Retention Credit

Recovery Startup Business ERC Application

There is money on the table for new businesses during the pandemic. Its called recovery startup business erc aka Employee Retention Credit. If you launched a business just before the pandemic or perhaps while it was going on, we’re sorry for the loss you might have faced. Congratulations on reaching a significant milestone during such […]

ERTC Medical Practices Approved for Tax Credit

ERTC Medical Practices Employee Retention Tax Credit

Medical facilities were hit hard during the pandemic. There were many additional restrictions placed on these businesses. The government has initiated a program ERTC medical practices. This allows medical facilities to receive Employment Retention Credit and bring money back into their operations. CARES Act and ERTC Medical Practices Revitalized The CARES Act introduced Employee Retention […]

Can IRS ERC Claim Denied for a Business?

IRS ERC claim denied

Many businesses are applying for the Employee Retention Credit but can the IRS ERC claim be denied? The IRS ERC application might not necessarily be denied, but trying to claim too much could trigger an audit of the amended tax filing. Let’s look a little deeper into this potential situation. Employee Retention Credit Bonus for […]

Scared of IRS ERC Audit: Avoidance in 2023

Will ERTC Be Audited

The Employee Retention Credit (also known as ERC and ERTC) is a life saver for so many businesses giving them an opportunity to claim money back from the government. There are concerns about getting an IRS ERC audit. This is always a possibility, but we feel that if done correctly, there is no greater risk […]

ERTC Health Insurance Costs Apply

ERTC Health Insurance

Many eligible employers are gaining an understanding of the money the Employee Retention Credit brings to them but often leave out ERTC health insurance costs in their qualified wages paid under their group health plan. This is leaving money on the table. Let’s investigate how this forgotten section of the ERTC program can help encourage […]

Harmful ERC Scams: Choosing a Qualified Tax Professional

ERTC Scams

It’s essential to be diligent about trending ERC scams. IRS legislation passed in response to the Employee Retention Credit has drawn many suspicious players eager to get a portion of the tax credit intended for eligible employers and small/medium-sized businesses. The newest are so-called ERTC firms that promise owners massive, backdated tax benefits via tax […]

ERTC and R&D Credit Can You Claim Both

Employee Retention Credit and R&D Credit

ERTC and R&D credit can be claimed in the same year. There are specific guidelines that need to be addressed to make sure this is done properly. The COVID-19 pandemic has set a formidable economic climate in the business world, affecting enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Like yourself, every small and medium-sized business owner […]

ERC for Restaurants: Are They Eligible

ERC for restaurants program available

ERC for restaurants is alive and well in 2023 which is a great thing. This potential infusion of money can help these establishments get back on their feet. The best part is most restaurants are eligible. ERC for Restaurants Overview and Qualification The COVID-19 pandemic has been brutal for all of us to get through. […]

ERC For Churches Eligible for Government Money

ERC For Churches

There are many businesses getting money back from the government through the Employee Retention Credit but what about ERC for churches? Luckily this government program does not exclude churches or non-profit organizations. Let’s see how your church could qualify. Affects of the Pandemic and ERC for Churches to the Rescue As a direct consequence of […]

Receive Federal Money With ERTC for Churches

Government Money Available for Churches Through ERTC Program

The ERTC for Churches government program is alive and well. The good news is that there is still time to take advantage of this amazing federal tax credit program and get your church the money that is available to it. If you had employees during the pandemic then this is for you. ERC for Nonprofits […]

Who Qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit?

Who Qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit

Businesses have been confused about who qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. There are several rules in place that can help determine eligibility for businesses. Follow the following rules and your business could recoup a good deal of money. This article will briefly overview who qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit, the application […]

Employee Retention Credit and PPP Program

Employee Retention Credit and PPP

It is possible to get the Employee Retention Credit and PPP money. There are just some rules you have to follow to adhere to the rules and regulations. Here we will discuss what a business needs to look out for when figuring ERC wages and PPP loans. Understanding ERC and PPP Toward the end of […]

How Do I Apply For ERC Tax Credit in 2023?

How Do I Apply For ERC Tax Credit?

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered the corporate world. Many small and medium-sized business workers had to be laid off; as a result, the government launched several programs to help companies survive the current economic storm. One such government initiative is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). Even though the ERTC program has several advantages, the […]

Main Street Small Business Tax Credit Availability

Main Street Small Business Tax Credit Still Available

ERTC and Main Street Tax Credit The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still visible. Across the globe, 43% of businesses are temporarily and permanently closed due to the financial crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers had to lay off employees to make ends meet or completely shut down their businesses. The government started […]